Do you have adrenal fatigue and do bioidentical hormones help?

Tired? Overworked? Reaching for afternoon coffees or (yikes) Redbulls to feel more exhausted by the end of the day?

You may have a little known but widely prevalent disorder called adrenal fatigue.
It is confused with all sorts of things by non Anti-aging doctors…but we can spot it a mile away.

Patients awake “unrefreshed” and often wake up several times during the night;they feel a little better after breakfast;decline in energy until a nadir in mid-afternoon;often get a little second wind after dinner and then fall asleep in front of the T.V.

If this sounds familiar don’t expect a traditional doctor (I wasn’t taught when I was an Internist) to know about it. They will tell you you are in a burnout and need anti-depressants.

A smart A4M doc will tell you we need to check salivary cortisols and most likely treat you with adrenal support supplements and often bioidentical hormones; namely hydrocortisone, and DHEA. And no,since it’s BI,there are no “cortisone” side effects at ALL.

The results are nothing short of miraculous if you have this. I saw one of my ORIGINAL Internal Medicine patients who is now 82 and was not in all that great of a shape 3 weeks ago;and was in SUCH severe AF she could barely function. I remember she used to love to go dancing. Well,last night she did…rah rah.
Have a super weekend!

I see patients all over Florida;including the Orlando,Palm Beach and Miami Beach areas;also fly-ins who are only required to see me once every other trip. Everyone has said it is more than worth the plane fare. I keep my overhead down so I am affordable,too;imagine that.

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About drkimcrawford

Board certified in Internal Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Sports Medicine, and what is the FUTURE of medicine: Anti-Aging And Integrative Medicine. My career began with the same direction as most physicians - simply wanting to make people feel better. But as my patients aged, along with myself, my interest turned to not only wanting to make people feel better, but to prevent disease,aging and that included the appearance of aging too! Part of a physician’s responsibility is staying on top of practices, methods, and products that will help their patients (and themselves). I have researched, tried, and recommended a huge variety of products over the years. But during the last several years, I have found products that truly work better than anything I had previously experienced. I now recommend them exclusively to my patients. And between the nutritional and anti-aging products,bio-identical hormones, and integrative holistic products;my patients all feel and look much younger than the "number". See what you think!
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